COVID-19: Information & FAQ

To keep our customer service efficient during the pandemic, we have gathered information concerning COVID-19 to this comprehensive article. Your question or concern will most likely be answered here. Therefore, before contacting us, read this article carefully – that will help the customer service to answer emails and process returns/refunds faster. Your question may also be answered here.

Thank you!


If your order was made in January or February and you are yet to receive it, please email us: or here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (China's lockdown caused delays to orders during Jan-Feb)


We are extremely thankful to everyone for supporting small businesses in these uneasy times. Stay safe and take care of each other!
With love,
Sleepy eden team



- TRACKING INCONVENIENCE: Tracking is not available on some of the items even though the tracking number is provided. Try to see if your order is trackable. If the system does not find your parcel, rest easy knowing your item is on its way when you have received the shipping confirmation.

- Delays can be expected to every destination.

- During the pandemic, items will be refunded if they don't arrive within 90 days from the day of order. You will be eligible for a refund only after 90 days have passed from the date of purchase, or if we offer you a refund. This is our policy to which the customer agrees when placing the order.

- Items take around 2-5 days to dispatch. Don't be alarmed if you don't immediately receive the shipping confirmation email. Please note that if the tracking is available, it will not be available immediately.

- Most of our items come from different suppliers and that is why they are shipping separately as well. Some items from your order can take longer to arrive and therefore don't be alarmed if you don't receive all items at once.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't received the shipping confirmation within 10 days from ordering, contact us, your order is probably failed due to missing information and has therefore not been processed automatically. (Shipping address has to be written in English, orders to Ireland often are missing post codes etc.) We are very busy and unfortunately cannot reach out to customers whose order is failed, so please contact us and we will solve the situation!


Where is my order / Have my items been shipped / Can I track my order? 
-You will receive the order confirmation email immediately after purchase. It will include your order number (for example #12345) and a summary of your order. Please check that you have the correct sizes/colors. If there are changes that need to be done to your order, contact us immediately and state your order number and the changes that need to be done in the first email.
-Orders will be shipped as soon as possible after we have processed them. Under these conditions however the dispatching can take a few days. Whether the item has been shipped or not, you can not cancel your order or make changes after 24 hours from purchase.
-As soon as the supplier has sent your item, you will receive the shipping confirmation email. This email will include item and tracking information if the tracking is available. Some items cannot be tracked but you will know they are on their way if you have received the shipping confirmation. Remember to check your spam folder! Sometimes the tracking link is invalid or not found, then check the URL (especially that there is a / between .com and the tracking number) or try to track your order. Please note that the tracking will not be available immediately, it takes few days to start updating the status. Arrive -app might falsely notify that your order is delivered when in fact it has only been shipped. Tracking doesn't update daily and don't panic if the last tracking update is from a while ago – your order is probably traveling overseas on its way to you :)
Patiently keep checking the tracking status every now and then, the estimated arrival date will be updated closer to the delivery.
Why is it that orders cannot be tracked?
During the pandemic our suppliers may have to use shipping methods that are not trackable. This, of course is not ideal, but for the time being it may be the most convenient option for us to be able to keep the shipping fee $4.99
The tracking possibilities vary from the destination country and items.
The tracking status has not updated for some time. Is my order lost?
At the moment it is not uncommon for parcels to be stuck in one place for some time. Even though the tracking status has not been updated it does not mean your parcel is lost. 

When will my order arrive?

- We can't give you an accurately estimated arrival date due to unstable conditions. The shipping time varies due to several factors such as distance and shipping delays. Usually items arrive within 10-28 days from the day you receive the shipping confirmation email, but at the moment we can't guarantee that your item will be delivered within that time period. However, so far shipping times have been around 10-28 days and we hope it will stay that way!

I want to cancel my order / I want a refund for order because it has been in transit for too long

- If you want to cancel your order, it has to be done within 24 hours from the purchase by emailing us. We can't cancel orders that are already processed or in transit. In this matter we kindly ask for your patience and understanding as the shipping can take longer than expected. If you haven't received your order that was purchased in January–February, please reach out to us and we will solve the situation as soon as possible!

I need to change the shipping address

- All changes and edits to shipping addresses or customer information have to be informed immediately as we can't do changes after the order is processed. We know that right now many people are dealing with uncertain housing situations and therefore need to change the shipping address. However, if your order has been processed (24 hours) the address cannot be changed. This means that you have to keep a close eye on your tracking, and once your package is in your country, you should contact your post, and solve the situation with them. The parcel isn't in our hands anymore, so we can not anyhow change the address on it. 

We will attempt to reship orders that are returned to the supplier, contact us if you are not in your original shipping address to receive your order, and it hasn't been shipped yet. When making a purchase, keep in mind that the shipping can take longer than expected and therefore make sure the shipping address is functional.


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