COVID-19: Information & Updates



This article has been made to keep our beloved customers updated concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and its possible impacts on shipping time for orders. Our goal is to be transparent and provide our customers a pleasant experience especially in these times of uncertainty. Please note that it is completely safe to order from sleepy eden during the pandemic. 

At the moment the situation is overall very good and you can expect your order to arrive within 10-28 days which is our general shipping time!

Your questions might also be answered here on our frequently asked questions page. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service by emailing us: Please note that we do not provide active customer service through Instagram / Facebook messages and the best way to get in touch with our customer service team is through email. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. During busy times allow a couple of business days for us to answer your email. Thank you!



The year of 2020 has been extraordinary with global pandemic challenging our world. For sleepy eden these past months have been very difficult due to major delays in the international shipping. We want to thank each and everyone for your patience, understanding and support during these times. You are the best!

Luckily, as of June 1st, the shipping times have gone back or closer to normal. Our general shipping time is around 10-28 days (2-4 weeks) and some orders can arrive even faster. We have now free world wide shipping. We do not offer express shipping. You can purchase an insurance (Route) against loss, damage or stolen goods for your order. Route also allows you to track your order visually and through the app you can file a claim in case there are any problems with your orders. We highly recommend using Route when shopping online, especially in these times. We want to emphasize that the pandemic is not over and there is a possibility for unexpected and sudden changes to shipping times. Each country is facing different situation. We will update any expected shipping delays to this article.

Important: If you have placed your order before June 1st of 2020 and are yet to receive it, do not hesitate to contact us ( and we will resolve the situation for you.


Our team is constantly following the situation and updating any expected or occurred delays. 

  • Unfortunately there are delays in shipping to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
  • All items cannot be shipped to India. We will automatically refund items from orders that cannot be shipped.
  • Shipping times to all European countries and the USA are relatively quick and you can expect your order to arrive within the time frame of 10-28 days.
  • Return policy during the COVID-19 pandemic: If you need to return or exchange your product, it has to be done within 14 days from receiving the order. Contact our customer service for instructions for making a return.
  • Refund policy: Our general refund policy is 60 days. It means that you are eligible for a refund in the unlikely case that your order does not arrive within 60 days. Contact our customer service on the matter of a possible refund. Please note that as per our Terms of Service we reserve the right to make changes to our refund policy at any time. When placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Service so we kindly ask you to read them carefully.


(Article last updated on August 20th, 2020)

- Sleepy eden team.